8 Year Old Starts Singing With Her Eyes Closed. But When She Opens Her Eyes? My Jaw Dropped! OMG!

Small children enjoy spending time on games and meeting their friends for movie nights and play dates. Kids are not interested in music all that much, aside from singing to the popular music songs on the radio in the car. Sometimes there are gems hidden in the sand, and the talent for the oldies but goodies shines through.

One such pearl is Angelina Jordan. Participating and getting crowned the most talented in the Norway’s Got Talent back in 2014, this little girl showed the world her talent and positivity. Her voice resembles those music stars of Ella Firzgerald or Amy Winehouse, and when she sings “Fly Me to the Moon”, people can do nothing but be amazed. Her amazing performance of “What a difference A Day Makes” has taken the world for a ride and it is truly amazing. It’s not just the voice that carries meaning of these world classic hits. Angelina’s personality is able to see it through and she still stays the bubbly little girl that she is.

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