Celine Dion Breaks Down In Tears Onstage After Singing Emotional Song About Her Late Husband

Many know Celine Dion for her great talent in Music. However, the year 2016 wasn’t easy for her. This is because her husband, Rene Angelil, succumbed to cancer on that fateful year. The two shared a strong bond full of love and compassion. They weren’t only lovers, but they were also business partners. And despite Rene’s illness, the two always made things work.

To make matters worse, Daniel Dion, Celine’s brother also passed on after a short while. He too was a victim of cancer. This made it hard for Celine to comprehend since her father had also died of the same illness.

In this video, Celine pays tribute to her loved ones and other people who have been victims of cancer. Pink is the original writer of the song, Recovering, which she is performing. But, the way Celine pours her heart out into the words, there is no one who would have sang it as she did.

After performing the song, she breaks down in tears. I really feel sorry for this wonderful woman, but I know she is going to overcome this!

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