How Two Women Discovered 72 Years Later That They Were Swapped at Birth

Out of thousands of babies born daily, probably a good number of them will be raised in loving and caring families. Unfortunately, for some mothers – for reasons beyond their control – their kids will be adopted and raised by different parents. This phenomenon is not uncommon, but how the confusion arises leading to two babies getting swapped at a hospital is puzzling.

Born In 1945, Denice and Linda Got Swapped at Birth In Minnesota


This is a true story of the dramatic incidence in which Denice Juneski and Linda Jourdeans were swapped in a hospital in Minnesota. Well, in December 1945, the two girls found themselves heading home on the arms of different parents. As the two grew up in their respective wrong family, signs of natural differences from the rest of the family members became evident. For instance, Linda found herself the sole redhead in a family of blondes.

On her part, Denice was the only blonde surrounded by dark-haired family members who loved sports. Herself was never a fan of any sport, a characteristic her family found be strange. It was until 72 years afterward that the 23andMe company performed DNA tests on Linda and Denice and uncovered the mystery of their parentage. The results led to a revelation that on 19th December 1945 at Bethesda Hospital, Minneapolis, Denice and Linda got switched to wrong mothers at birth.

Born Half an Hour Apart, Linda and Denice Went Home With Mistaken Parents


These two innocent girls were born just 31 minutes between them. Under unclear circumstances, they left the hospital under the care of mistaken parents. Denice would remark that it was crazy how people simply accepted they were at their real families. She is happy to have discovered the mystery about her parentage, adding that great things have followed the discovery. Denice had sent her samples to 23andMe for DNA tests earlier in April.

Her DNA test results from 23andMe revealed that she was different from the rest of her family members. Puzzled by the results, she couldn’t simply accept it. She decided to try it again but the outcome never changed. Denice concluded that either she was swapped at birth or 23and Me had gotten it wrong. Linda became suspicious when her niece saw her DNA card with Denice’s name on it.

Denice and Linda Can’t Figure Out How The Confusion Occurred


Linda’s niece had raised her suspicions about the possibility of a swap happening at birth. Her fears were confirmed when Linda’s DNA test results arrived. She had lived in a wrong family for a cool 70 years! Denice observed that at times she felt she never belonged in the family. That she was supposed to be a different person. The discovery of the truth behind their lives brought Denice and Linda together for a meeting.

Linda’s mother succumbed to cancer when Linda was aged 17 years. However, she got the opportunity to meet Marianne Mayer, her 99-year-old biological mother. Just like Denice, Linda couldn’t believe this incidence. They treat each other as a special pair of friends. But as to how the confusion that resulted in their being swapped occurred, they have no idea and accept they may never know it.