US Postal Service Ordered to Pay Millions After Using Wrong Statue Of Liberty On Stamp

Everyone around the USA and the World at large knows that the Liberty Statue is an inspiring sculpture located in New York. This statue acted as a present from France to the Americans. The statue was dedicated to the USA back on October 28, 1886. A French designer by the name of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi made the sculpture and since then, different replica of the Liberty Statue have been displayed all over the World. Surprisingly, it has been made even on stamps and in the year 2011, the Postal Services Made a massive 3 Billion of them on a wrong picture.

The Statue Has A Picture of the Liberty Statue found in Las Vegas


This stamp had a photo of this statue located in Las Vegas. The postal services made a stamp which portrayed a picture of this sculpture of Las Vegas instead of the original one found in New York. It is said that Robert David son was the sculpture designer found in Las Vegas and he sued the Postal Service about 5 years ago and because of that, he was supposed to be given 3.5 million US Dollars. His arguments claimed that the face that was on the statue was so different and ‘sexier’

The Postal Services only noted that they had made stamps with the wrong statue after three whole months. The outcome profit by just producing wrong stamps was about 70 million dollars. The judge, Eric Bruggink then ordered the Postal Services to pay Robert Davidson a record-breaking 3.5 million Dollars. However, the attorneys argued that Robert’s design was not similar enough for him to order a copyright claim.

Robert Davidson to be given 3.5 million Dollars.


When the court finally came up with a decision, Robert Davidson’s Attorney said that his client’s artistic creation in Las Vegas is so unique and attractive. This is why it made the postal services use its photo on Forever Stamp instead of hundreds of images available. For his idea, he thought that his own sculpture needed a modern face.

On the other hand, Judge Eric Bruggink said that the idea that was used was completely what they considered to be the good work of Mr.Davidson. He also said that the Government’s only defense as the sculpture did not harm his business it being an industrial sculptor. This can be real and it is important to note that it never benefited him. In addition to this, the Postal service never offered an apology.

The Judge said the Government inquiry of how this whole situation came about was nonsense.


According to Davidson’s Attorney, it wasn’t the first time that the postal services are dismissing artistic rights. He said that for a long time now, postal services have been ignoring what artists are working hard to make without giving them considerations.

This stamp was first released in 2010 and they still continued to use it until January 2014.In another statement, the judge also acknowledged that the government’s opinion was not important in that it claimed the postal services never noticed that there is a major change between the sculptures. He said that Davidson’s replica is half the original design and are located in two different cities.